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Tracks Literacy

It's different. It works the other way round

Tracks Literacy is used widely: as a 'catch-up' programme, parts of it with all pupils in the school, and even with the sixth form - unsurprising given our application of mainstream psychology.

But Tracks was researched with a range of groups - including pupils with severe and moderate learning difficulties, and those with severe, specific learning difficulties. Usually teachers add on programmes for SEN pupils. We judge what to leave out for other pupils.

It's different. It's one-to-one in a group

One-to-one in a group is economical of course, but it's much, much more than that. The group is definitely greater than the sum of its parts. Check out the TEACHING-The Group section.

It's different. It's for the highly specialist teacher

Tracks' focus is the SEN pupil. Ultimately Tracks exists for the specialist teacher who'd like the skills to deliver this addictive, psychology-based, problem-solving programme that is successful for any pupil.

'Teachers cannot believe the progress of previously passive pupils.

It's the most psychological approach to literacy I have seen.'

Senior Psychologist London Borough of Hillingdon

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